Local Traders Loving TiNA

October 3, 2013

Many local businesses have supported TiNA in 2013 and a big thank you to all who have contributed to our Local Traders Loving TiNA campaign. On this page is the list of local businesses who are looking forward to the TiNA festival and the arrival of thousands of festival punters into the city. Loads of new bars, cafes, restaurants, retail shops and more have popped up since last year and are definitely in need of checking out to satisfy your TiNA experience. From funky bars in the East End; to the many fabulous Renew Newcastle initiatives along Hunter Street; the quirky mix of retail and cafes along Darby; to the quiet sophistication of Honeysuckle, where cocktails and the Harbour go hand in hand, you will have plently to keep you busy between the 200 plus events taking palce at TiNA this year. So get out and about during TiNA.... and make sure you make the most of your TiNA time in Newcastle.